Why to deworm?

Deworming is associated with the animal world, not human. After all, animals have worms, people do not. Wrongly. Commonly referred to as worms, which are parasites and animals, and people. Deworming animals prophylactically or poor health, we should also think about yourself. “Deworming” people, however, is shameful, it is better not talk about it, it’s hard to admit. But parasites, especially with the changes of civilization, they give more and more to know about yourself in us, causing many diseases.

Why to deworm?

Internet forums are full of questions about how deworming, and not just those who have small children. I talk with Dr. Ozmann, a pediatrician specializing in general pediatrics and treatment of parasitic diseases, which for years has been the subject of parasites and treatment of diseases caused by not having also considerable merit in spreading public awareness about the eradication of parasites in humans.

80% of people have at least one type of threadworm parasite, which is the seventh Pole worm, and 12 have a tapeworm. The probability that a person who has never in his life did not “deworming”, no worms, is very small.

Most people are very surprised, sometimes even shocked when they ask the question, if ever did “deworming”. Regularly deworming their pets, or at least know that they should do it but yourself – it’s not.

Each parasite that infects humans is interested in ensuring that we do harm, but is interested in us to live as long as possible, to give birth to the greatest number of offspring and be unnoticed. Typically, we see that we have parasites when deregulation is such a delicate form of balance between us and the parasite or when there are several other species of parasites and leads to some health disorders – only then we can see that something is going wrong. However, in most cases, people do not realize that they have in themselves parasites.

With the increasing popularity of conscious eating, is also increased interest in the deworming of people. Internet forums are infested with tips on how home remedies can be deworming. Most of them are popular anthelmintic drugs mebendazole and albendazole.

For some drugs after a few hours of taking, use a laxative to expel tapeworm eggs. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the head of the tapeworm will remain in the body causing regrowth rest of the body. Then, the treatment must be repeated.

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