Scientists mentioned one of the most important products for the heart

Several interesting observations Norwegian scientists made during a research.

The scientists from Norway decided to conduct a study on the effects of antioxidant products on the human body.

The researchers monitored during the study the way kiwi affects human body of smoking person, as well as some other antioxidant products.

Systematic use of kiwi, ie three times a day, significantly reduces blood pressure in male smokers, and is an excellent preventive measure against cardiovascular diseases.

This study involved more than hundred overweight male smokers aged 45 to 75 years. In the first period of the study pomegranates, kiwi, nuts, berries, tomatoes, coffee and tea were completely excluded from the diet of these people. After that study participants were divided into three groups, and each was given a specific name that speaks for itself: “Kiwi”, “control group”, “Antioxidants”.

kiwiMembers of the group under the name “Kiwi” had to eat three kiwis each day in a systematic manner. The second group called “Antioxidants” was fed with different antioxidant products such as blueberry juice, sprouts and sunflower seeds. The third menu “Control group” remained completely unchanged.

At the end of this experiment, the group that systematically ​​used kiwi had decreased systolic blood pressure by 10 mm and the diastolic – 9 mm. The group “Antioxidants” – 2 mm.

Based on this analysis, we can confidently say that kiwi influences on cardiovascular diseases. This fruit has some nutritional agents, the use of which exceeds even more popular diet food.

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